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You said…

You said…
August 31, 2005 facter

…you said “Cant win, dont try”

Cant win, dont try. And you know what? You were right. You were right to not listen to that. Whoever made that fucking phrase up – needs a bullet.

Cant win, dont try.

I, personally, dont want to win anything in life. Its not a competition. Its not something whereby we need to jduge ourselves up against others, or where we need to be the smartest,t he prettiest, the most gorgeous or the life of the party. The ramifications of not trying at those things as to which are unattainable are disasterous. Where would our lives elad to? What, would we have on which to hope?

If man had said “shit, I cant get these two sticks rubbing together to do anything” we’d probably still be eating raw mammoth by now. If NASA has said “No way, we cant get to the moon” – we’d probably all just still believe that man went tot he moon, but the conspiracy nuts would all be right – it would all have been a hoax.

In the absence of “trying”, you are left with only two choices – to admit consistant failure, or to create and fabricate your own mythology or hoax in order to fillt he gaps of your life up with some kind of meaning. And why? why elaborate on your own life, when you dont require it? Why not attempt the impossible, construct the physically improbable, or jsut go and chase the ephemeral lust that you have inside you?

We construct those myths, as I have mentioned, in order for us, individually, and as a species, to hold on to things for those moments where we fail. We fail, not because we didnt try, not because we could not ahve succeeded but because we used only those myths and hoaxes of our own fabrication as the fulcrum by which to attempt to lift ourselves higher!

The proper rephrasing of that disgustingly withered term should be

Cant try, dont win.

You cannot try. You cannot change what has passed – in order to try to do so, would require a knowledge of quantum possibility that none of us have. If you cant TRY,t hent here is only one thing – do. There is another saying “Do, or do not, there is no try” – yes, fucking Yoda. but how basic a tenament is that? You life is full of inconsistencies. Your True Life, and the Self Mythology of your life – whereby both are you – both run parallel to each other – and for every action you take, you ARE doing something – there. is. no. try – because when you act, mentally, physically, you set forth that action in the world – therefore by that action, you are doign soemthing to affect your present, and thus your future, and parcelling out your life to either that True Life, or Self Mythology paths behind you.

Cant try, dont win.

Dont win. Do not win at anything. There is, essentially, no winning. for even if you place first – even if youi beleive that you are the forerunner – somewhere, out there, will always be someone who is one step ahead of you in some way. Most amazing nuclear physicist? Well,y ou suck at golf. Most amazing golfeR? well,y ou suck at javascript. Most amazing JS programmer? Well, you’re bad at giving girls head. Most amazing guy….and henceforth, and so forth. Dont win. Do not attempt to categorise life in such a simple manner – you, are not god. You, are not omnipotent. You, may not ever even attain any form of social or moral heights in relation to tohers -0 ont he ranking and the scale, you may rate low – but who. fucking.cares.There is, however, one thing, beyond all consolation,b eyond “winning” beyong “trying” that you xcan all be assured of. One thing above all others.

You, and the truth and mythologies that comprise your self, are unique.

Cant… Dont..



Try not to make your journey any more complicated as it needs to be – life isnt about the complexion – it is about the simplicity, and you will never see the simplicity, if you can never realise that no, you cannot do anything you set your mind to – but you sure as fuck get as close to “everything” as you can.