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Writing Background

I have been writing in a professional and semi professional capacity for over fifteen years, in the following areas:

Art & Design – I also immersed myself into my love of art and design and have begun to document and interview a whole bunch of amazing artists and other creative types through my Invurt website.

I was the Editor for the bi-annual print magazine, Damn It! and worked on this with the amazing Jo Jette.

Music & Entertainment – this is where most of my professional writing stems from, and I have been writing about music and entertainment for almost ten years, for publications such as Xpress, Drum, Inpress and Knowledge magazine, with event reviews and many, many interviews.

Copywriting & Editing – I have produced all forms of copy for a variety of clients and associates. This includes band bios, event information, tag lines and promotional text. You can see a recent bio for my friends band The Freak Technique here for an example of my music  copy work. I have also provided a range of editing services, and having spent many years as a web content editor and administrator, I am fully proficient in creating content for websites, encompassing everything from media, private to government agencies.

Technical Writing – I have not included this stuff on here, because, frankly, its technical and only of interest to people I work with. Also, much is covered under non-disclosure agreements. Suffice to say, I am highly proficient in the creation and writing of business plans, technical architecture documents, functional specifications,risk analysis documentation, records management analysis and all the various different documents an Analyst is required to produce – this being what I currently do for a day job :)

If you are interested in engaging my services for any professional writing, please contact me or check the services page for more information.

Creative Writing

There is a huge variety of creative writing throughout Irikanji. You may notice, when reading this, that it is often unedited, full of grammatical and spelling mistakes, and is often merely a fragment of something else and out of context. This is intentional. I love sharing my work online, but I also enjoy possibilities of publishing. Many of these pieces are dated from a few years ago, and are entirely first drafts – over the years, many of them have been refined, edited, chopped, changed, added to in order to produce finished pieces, so, what you will read may only be mere glimpses and early sketches of ideas. Many of the pieces in here have been put together into collections in their finalised states and I am currently looking at publishing.