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Where to start … again …

Where to start … again …
September 6, 2011 facter

Well, the last few months have been nothing less than hectic – and I realised that I have had very little time to come on to this blog and update it, everything these days seems to be about Invurt!

So, that said, I will be updating on here a bit more now – I have booked in a new solo show at Rancho Notorious for October for October the 13th – called ASIS (Angels See In Sepia). This is the longed for show focusing on all of the portrait work of women I have done over the last few years, and taking the techniques and applying it all to one cohesive set of images. Excited, to say the least. I’ll post up snippets of that here and there in the coming month or sose …

Here’s a bunch of snapshots of stuff …

hand drawn boomDrawing on a big collaborative piece of paper at Hand Drawn Boom at Paradise Hills.

244122_10150273210906535_352966956534_9429567_546456_o Working with the lads on the first ReVurt wall at Chatham St, Prahran.

Swan piece, Chatham Street ReVurt wall – Prahran.


Pasteup at Urban Art Throwup at Brunswick Street Gallery

263771_230463313643874_152874378069435_783336_4305625_n Heesco and I drawing on the board at the Traditional Health Care fundraiser at Donkey Wheel House.

263843_230464260310446_152874378069435_783351_361666_n Mural of a Xanthorroea on a friends bedroom wall.

264704_230463933643812_152874378069435_783346_1385754_n Seahorse on Chatham St Prahran.

266993_10150310572720477_609765476_9385756_3281777_o A fun filled Friday night drawing at the studio with a bunch of mates.



Online Clubber Launch party life drawing with Drab.

Hat design for Get Trucked at No Vacancy project space at Fed Square.

271931_10150310079065477_609765476_9381910_1203187_o New piece from the Xanthorroteca series.


The second ReVurt wall on Clifton st in Prahran.

Collab fun!

279402_10150312639756535_352966956534_9772882_2334722_o Plotting and planning!

280237_10150331350370477_609765476_9604685_7339409_o (1) 

New character …

285909_258350717521800_152874378069435_882296_4819367_o  307087_2358430606824_1432021015_32851237_3893852_n Burning seed live painting with Heesco and Itch in Brunswick.

319126_10150788844595327_594535326_20563748_7255761_n 323490_10150355412070477_609765476_9860646_1102744_o (1)Windows Painting at Piccolo Espresso in Prahran for the Rival Revolution Road Show

Shark piece on the Evolution wall – ReVurt wall #3, Carlton St, Prahran

327809_10150357103480477_609765476_9875529_5678016_o Aliens amongst us, Evolution wall, ReVurt wall #3, Carlton St, Prahran

329202_10150360262310477_609765476_9911587_2647147_o (1)

Life drawing studied for my next show, ASIS (Angels See in Sepia) at Rancho.

decades later 
Piece for Artboy vs Fanboy: Comics, tribute to the DNZ comic and the Decade Later issues.


Scribbling Xanthorroeas on friends …

Quick and messy dragon at the studios …

That’s enough of an update .. I also posted a whole bunch more photos, sketches and drawings on my facebook page if you’re interested.