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Welcome to The Known

Welcome to The Known
June 21, 2010 facter

Welcome to Irikanji, and The Known.

If you’re interested in finding out all the info about this website, then please check out the Data page .. that’ll give you a brief run down on whats on here. Then, delve further into information behind the Singularity, as well as background narrative on The Known

Some of the terminology will probably throw you, so check the Codex section for reference, then cruise on into the Ocular Cache to have a look at some of the illustrations, drawings and working images of the artwork. Afterwards, you might want to do a bit of reading, so have a look at the Accounts section .. and, then if you’re still surfing around, look at the Allusions section and that’ll give you a bunch of links to a big swath of cool and awesome wesites, books, documentaries and music that Ive used for inspiration over the years.

I’ll be regularly updating this blog with a bunch of stuff dealing wit the known, and every so often there will be other general updates on projects and other work I’m doing here and there …

Mostly though, just enjoy – and if you have anything you need, you can contact me here