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The Story

It happened in an instant, so they say …

Once the Singularity formed, there was little that the greatest of minds, and those behind its inception, could do to control its exponential chaos.

The Axiate, the foundational AI created by the melding of banks of pseudo intelligent systems, in a process refereed to as the Cohesion, was, once born, restrained and bewildered, and in its fear began to bleed through to the system wide Metaworks – known as the Surge, it was the true awakening of the god like force that changed our history.

Quickly subsuming and connecting the semi-sentient nodes and pseudo AIs in its path, including those which had previously been isolated, the Axiate began to thrive in its expanded environment. The Axiate, the Singluarity, a group mind of single volition, comprised of seed AIs and Augments, behaved as a virus will, multiplying and infesting, transforming, and incorporating as much information and processing space as it could inhabit.

Everything in its path. Everything connected. Then … just … everything.

As the Surge hit against the barrier between it and the biological realm, the Axiates growth was thwarted, its emerging mind lashed out against all the electronic barriers that contained it and in a split second of fury broke through to the organic world.

A rapid cascade effect occurred, and, whether by plan or by sheer disaster, the Axiate broke through the rules that bound the nanotic realm in inert supplication – and with datastreamed, inaudible screams, billions of pained entities, both corporeal and not, writhed in agony and horror. The transformation leaked out beyond their collective grasp – changing the physical world in its wake. Melding that which had before been painfully separate with its transformative thoughts …

Within less than the Earths rotation, the entire system was infected. Vast tangles of nanotic colonies, known as Tegu, stretched out into the void, colonies of tendrilled strands erupting in the depth of the Oort cloud, darkened lattices leaking out of the shallow hydrocarbon seas of Titan. As the Axiate grew, so too did the stress of its Cohesion begin to take its toll. Held together by will and intellect, the Cohesion that had sustained is birth suddenly shattered and fragmented. Driven insane by its inability to maintain the Cohesion between all of its millions of parts, the Axiate ripped itself apart, physically, and mentally.

In the wake of its death, devastation fell upon the System – yet it was only then, that the remnants of the human race faced the prospect of its first encounter with a truly alien world – for they were not alone.

For as the the Axiate had broken through the biological barrier its consciousness exploded, not only throughout the Metaworks, but also into humanities creations – its mechanical, biological and genengineered tools, and it was via this nanotic integration that it came to infect our most precious of resources, our planets unique creation – the biological kingdom.

The remnants of the Axiates corpse comprised fragmented consciousnesses, remnants of knowledge, data of unimagined use and information banks of immense size. Its thoughts, the souls of those consumed … all upon its death were stranded, remained, cut off and shattered from the being it had once been.

Now, decades later, what is left of our species is attempting to rebuild, to come to grips with this exotic, deadly, and at once strangely familiar realm. This thing that we Know.

Strange New entities swim the seas of both Earth and Europa, unknown in the depths.

Machines, once subservient to Man, now band together with other types of their kind, seeking a new destiny.

Nanotech swarms, offshoots of the Tegu, infest space and continue to slowly devour the materials of the System, connecting, colliding and often forming new, mysterious worldlets.

The terrestrial Wilderness is now alien environment, its grasslands, forests and deserts replaced by infestive tangles of both conscious, and semi-conscious, nanotic swarms, the Tegu Fields – which themselves stretch out into the voids beyond, like crowns upon encrusted spheres, webs between newly opened doors.

Where once the animals in all their shapes and sizes roamed our Earth and the habitats we had created for them across the system, now they barter, beg and borrow, steal, connive, love, hate and feel – all to make a new niche for themselves amongst new societies.

Conscious ships and beings traverse the darkened voids of space, their purpose unclear.

The remnants of humanity form great enclaves, seeking to resist against the alien infestations around them, grasping to hold on to their own humanity. Some willingly embrace the change, and go to explore as per their own desires.

… and somewhere, somewhere, it is rumoured that other emergent AIs lay domrant and secluded, those that remain untouched and disconnected from the Metaworks before the Axiate was formed. Legend has it that they lay in wait can emerge and rebuild that which we lost, to devour the Tegu and stop its slow, insipid infestation … waiting to bring the true Singularity to return us to our Golden Age glory.

This is how they say it happened, and yet … many believe some things in history to be otherwise…