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The Case Of The Weird Crook

The Case Of The Weird Crook
January 23, 2006 facter

Okay, so I get this Skype message fromt his girl and she wants to chat.

Then, whenever I talk to her, she is always going on about how shes made money from the US government by ripping it off. Here I think that shes one of these weird eprsonas that you often come across on the interweb, you know? but no, she keeps at this story, kay?

Her Full Name: 02:43:41
2marrow im prob gonna get about $50000 more

So I laugh at her. I like palying with interweb idiots, its amusing, plus, most of them are stupid script kiddies who try to attempt to hack me, only to be thwarted by the hundreds of thousands of dollars of ICE and firewalls surrounding my computer.

So, today she messages me and says hello,a nd shes saying all like

Her Real Name: 07:08:49
im buyin liek 500 pairs or air forces
Fletch: 07:09:01
Fletch: 07:09:06
so, what are you doing really then
Her Real Name: 07:09:08
im seriouse
Her Real Name: 07:09:16
Her Real Name: 07:09:34
Fletch: 07:10:08
what do you actually work doing =P
Her Real Name: 07:10:49
actually i work at mcdonalds but im rich cause i steal money..its al about the greenies
Fletch: 07:10:58
Fletch: 07:11:04
so how do you steal money then
Brittney charney: 07:11:16
Her Real Name: 07:11:19
Her Real Name: 07:18:19
u have a device which i am not goign to tell u what it is called but its a high tech device that holds all diferent kinds of files and is very easy to hack into files from different places. well at first i was just lookin at things when i first got it. but then it said u.s. governemnt treasury file. type in activation code. so i looked around on the internet for a while. it took me a while and too many failed login attempt to get it right. but when i finally did u could transfer money to big buisness places. when it said the account variafacation codes and identification stuff i put in my own bank number and my fathers buisness code. and the next day when i went to the bank i had $10,000. i decided to start out small and see if it worked. when i found out it did i kept increasing the amount of money to where i am now which is 50 bil. but u have to kno what your doing. i mean 1 time i even held some person for ransom and got about $1,500 it was pretty sweet and simple

So I’m sitting back very amused. I mean, bitch, you are either a very amusing liar, or the stupidest, dumbest criminal I have ever met. That said, I think itswa giveaway that you are saying that you are getiing 50 billion dollars teransfers into yuor account exactly how high your IQ is, if you didnt talk so illiterately, you’d probably be a danger to well, at least your garden variety snail.

Dont give up your day job, its obvious that even a grease monkey job at mcdonalds probably challenges you.