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Live the Life Unpossible

Live the Life Unpossible
September 9, 2005 facter

There are many things int his world that are unpossible. Living the life of the unpossible, is, strangely, also quite possible.

Now, lets not get unpossible confused with IMpossible. I know you are all sratching yor heads like Bonobos with erections, and thinking “No such word as unpossible! Its IMpossible”.

No. no it is not.

to live the life unpossible, you must have the knowledge of several things.


Look in your dictionary. The “unpossible” is referenced to Impossible. Not having its own definition really points out that its true definition is completely different to “impossible” – merely by stating that it means “impossible.

Therefore, beleiving that something is UNpossible leaves it one step closer to possible than impossible. Its all in the definition, really – unpossible means impossible. Therefore, via the semantics of the world, by believing in the Unpossible, you are not believing in the IMpossible – yuore really jsut believing in a reality based, hyper-linked defininition to another semantical word.

Therefore, next time you are on a bus, and you see an object of your desire, never sit there and think “It willb e impossible for me to jsut go over there and kiss her/him outright! Impossible!”

Instead think:

“Its totally unpossible for me to go over there,a nd snog the fuck out of him/her, eventually leading to a date, and fornication and touching of each tohers private bits.”

Living the life unpossible is not impossible, and the possibilities of the unpossible are possibly the most possible thing that you can do in an impossible situation, by dividing your thoughts in an unpossible manner when confronted wityh those impossible situation – possibly, you may realise how possible it is to positively possibilise your rational at the same time.

i mean, hey – its not like its going to be REALLy possible. But i’d rather think of things as “well, jsut a FRACTION away from IMpossible, than UNpossible.

Thinking like that, will enable you to achieve that little tiny amount of reality needed when masturbating over a complete stranger that you’ve never spkken to, interacted with or exchanged phone numbers with.

Give it a shot. With unpossiblity, nothing is possible – but then again, its not as if it ever was, was it?

At least its not impossible.