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January 22, 2006 facter

Good evening, and welcome to the Fletcher Show.

On tonights show, we show you how to create a unicorn out of a gerbil, a ten centimeter strip of aluminum foil, and a car battery.

We also have a special guest tonight, a girl of mysterious renown, who will be demonstrating her unique abilities with a ping-pong ball. Yes, you’ve all wondered where she was, and we are proud to present to you this evenings “where are they now” exposes on: Ping-pong Girl: After The Desert.

Our chef, Wombstein Cluck will be showing us how to cook a beached seaturtle without having to crack its shell, and demonstating exactly why cashew nuts are deadly poisonous when not cooked.

Our special live guests tonight will be the Dirk Hartog Band, playing medleys of there unique new polka-funk, with very special guest singer Nana Mouskouri.

Our stand up comedian for this evening, is none other than the great, and legendary comedic maestro: Nelson Mandela, who will be presenting us with a new rendition of “How many Zulus fit in a mini-van” joke.

And dont forget, as always, make sure you have your hand next to the Red Button (or in your underwear) in order to answer those all important Top Ten Ways To Make A Guy Cum to be in the running for your chance to blow Fletch as he tells the mid-week weather!

We hope you enjoy the show, and now, the man with a thousand vices, heeeerrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeesss Fleeeeeetcccccccccchhhhhhhhhhheerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!