Original contemporary art prints.


Please contact me for any enquiries. I love doing commission work.  If you like the style of my artwork, or writing, then there are a variety of things that I can do for you to provide you with a unique piece.

Casting & Modelling Services

For the right project, I will occasionally take on modelling and casting services for unique toys. This is always a close collaboration, and I am interested in collaborating with other artists to create new and exciting artwork.

Commissioned artwork

I will do commission artwork by request. I am happy to sit down and negotiate what needs to be done and how much it will cost – it will vary, depending on size, time, situation and style of the piece.


Got a wall needs painting or an event that needs some artwork? I’ve done a fair amount of murals in the past few years, and always look forward to new projects.  I’m more than happy to have a talk about doing pieces, big or small, either interior or exterior.

Copywriting & Editing

I’ve spent the last ten years writing articles, copy and creative work for a variety of publications and clients. I am well versed in music and art journalism and copy, and can provide writing services for both. I am also happy to provide editing services for your articles, copy or other writings.