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Irikanji Concepts

Irikanji has been a lifetime in the making. From my first forays into artwork in primary school “project” books to my early years as a graffiti artist and bomber in Perth in the early 90s, it has always been entwined in all of the artwork that I have produced.

It was about ten years ago, that I began writing stories and putting all the pieces together of my artwork. Fragments that had been dissociated were compiled, threads were created, connections made – and in doing so I created an entity that I called The Known – perhaps not the most original name for a universe, but thats just how it happened.

The Known is my sandpit and playground and where all the things in the world of Irikanji come from. It is a conceptual project that explores the themes of post-Singularity transformation via both visual and written means. Over the years, I have incorporated many of its stories and creatures into my own artwork, and all the creatures you’ve seen on walls and in artwork have sprung from

Fundamentally, The Known is an experiment in world building, one that I have extrapolated from various creative ideas I’ve worked with over the past twenty or so years. “The Known” as this setting is called, is a vast, sprawling entity that covers the inhabited solar system in the years after the Singularity has collapsed.  In creating The Known, I’m attempting to focus on what it means to be human, and how we live within a world that is being challenged by exponential changes in our constantly advancing technology.

The Known is at times whimsical, and at others deeply disturbing. It posits an “end world” scenario, however it also includes more hopeful, and celebratory aspects, such as explorative themes akin to golden age of classical pre-20th century endeavours, where there was still much of our own world to discover, as well as themes of renewal and rebirth. It is a vastly altered reality to our own, and through these concepts, I try to highlight various issues extant today, and yet at the same time, I’m attempting to introduce further, and more complex ideologies and situations that we as a species, in this new century, are only now just beginning to contemplate .. including such things as nanotechnological impacts and Transhumanism, as well as Singularity theory.

The Known is largely inspired by my past twenty years of drawing, reading, viewing, musical, writing and working as an Information Analyst. I’ve always had a grain of an idea behind my work, and why it takes the stylised approach that it does. Amongst all those notes, sketches and stories, things began to coalesce over time into what you see here on this website. This is the first time I have shared these themes in relation to my work, and as you can see on the Allusions page, my influences are many and varied.

Irikanji takes its name from the creatures and entities who inhabit this realm, including the shadowy and mysterious Irikanji Corps, a fictional cabal that represents one of the last remnants of non-altered humanity in this strange, and almost unrecognisable, reality – I wanted to highlight that in amongst these worlds, humanity as we know it does seem to exist, however it has now gained myth-like status.

Look, its a long story – but if you like stories, there is a lot more to be found, and a lot more to come …