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Collaborative Cool

Collaborative Cool
October 12, 2011 facter

Well, the other day I was interviewed on T-Squat – James Watkins said some pretty damn nice things about me that I feel pretty humbled by and slightly undeserving… but it was a great interview. It gave me a chance, for the first time, really, to put some of my ideas and thoughts out there through an objective viewpoint. Cool questions, thanks T-Squat.


So, I had mentioned the collaborations in the show, but didnt really go into a lot of detail (as when I did the interview it was a week or two back and everything was still being worked on).

Before my show tomorrow, I thought I’d just take a few minutes to talk about all the people that have helped me out with collaborations in the show. Anyways … a few weeks back, I sent off a message to a bunch of mates I’ve been painting with for the ReVurt project, and few other friends, asking if they’d be interested in doing some remixes of the original drawings and such – I figured a couple of them would be interested, but I was totally stoked when all of them said they’d do something. There were a heap of people I wanted to ask! In fact .. an entire collaborative show is something I think would be mad – an idea for the future.

So, this is a little on those who have pieces in the show – some of the most talented and passionate people I know …

Pierre Lloga – As far as illustrators go, Pierres work is what I picture when I conjure up that exact word. Comicesque, yet highly stylised and brilliantly realised, he’s able to translate that from pen, to paint, to the wall, and anything in between.


ExRobot – one of our RR studio residents, his monochrome work is just starting to get out there, and there is a fair bit of interest as well with his works flying out the door over at Artboy Gallery. Definitely an artist to watch!

– I met Mishke at an exhibition some time back, and promptly coerced her into moving into our studios after I saw her work – and every one I see she just gets better and better. I love her illustrative style and I can’t wait to see where she takes it – must get her back to painting on more walls!

Ed "Unwell Bunny" Bechervaise – he recently had a hugely cool exhibition at RTIST Gallery in Prahran, and has started getting back into painting walls after a small hiatus. Always helpful, completely passionate and just a generally great guy to be around.

E.L.K. – a more honest and humble man I couldn’t meet, and there is a reason why E.L.K. is one of the best stencil artists in the world right now – because, simply, he is an absolute cutting fiend who can put together a stencil composition like no one else. E.L.K. moved down here from Canberra recently and has had some amazing shit start happening for him, and I’m totally stoked for him – he deserves great things for all the hard work he’s put in to his art over the years.

Conrad Bizjak – whether its with a brush, or on a wall, the man has style, absolutely mad technique, and an amazingly vivid imagination. His technique makes me wish I was that damn good, and, having seen some of his recent oil painting work – damn.

287514_10150348243436240_719546239_9649653_2673802_o 340742_10150362318966240_719546239_9752535_550450877_o Heesco – awesome as all fuck, Heesco is one of the coolest emerging talents in Australia today. So down to earth and a real inspiration to me – he’s pushed me along and helped me out in going in a few different directions, always had kind words, and has always been there to help me out whenever I’ve needed it. Plus, he’s just fun mate to hang out and get drunk with haha.

172621_188834314481598_173677639330599_537370_4807537_o 166924_262685680429794_173677639330599_923165_1336143162_n

Phoenix The Street Artist – until I saw Phoenix’s work, and met the man himself, I had, admittedly, never really thought all that much of collage work – but seeing the process he undergoes with it all, the philosophy behind it, the amount of work and preparation and planning – well, the man is a genius.


Nicole Tattersall – I <3 this girl. So helpful, and such a talented lady. Director of Curvy for Melbourne, and a phenomenally great artist. I’m always swapping crazy ideas and doing fun little collabs with Nicole, so I’m really glad we got to do something together for this!

NTattersallandFactor_002 NTattersallandFactor_001

Jianna Lucia – another RR resident, this gypsy women has some pretty unique style! We hang a bit and chat – well, when I’m not heads down and immersed in focus land haha, but she’s great value, and a really cool artist. She recently did this video with Ollie Lucas for the Grolsch Grid show.

Jack DouglasJack stole my idea of buying one of those awesome bags for spraycans, and at some stage, I’ll steal it off him. Besides that, he’s a really really cool artist – his can technique rules as well, and he’s a funny bastard to boot – I had fun working with him on a quick road sign that turned up …


Robbie Warden – helped me out with all the photography. He works for Big Dog in Prahran, and you can see him out and about taking a  bundle of photos at all kinds of gigs, and just generally popping up here, there and everywhere. There is no way in hell I would be this happy with the work in the show without his photographic skills.

Carl Allison – I wanted to get some video done for the show, a first for me … and there was no doubt that I wanted Carl to do it. He’s been killing it lately with his work, covering artists that are a part of my friends from Just Another Agency, as well as stuff over at RTIST Gallery, and everything in between. We got him to do our first webisode for Invurt, and, he did an awesome job with my preview.

There were others involved too – all the girls who modelled for me were amazing, as was Sammy Elise at the Body Canvas event. To all of them, the biggest of thankyou for being a part of my show in one way or another, and thanks for all the inspiration along the way – love your fucking work.