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In order to better understand The Known and its Irikanji Denizens, take a look through this compiled Codex. Herein you can find more details on places, denizens, intelligences and other ephemera that both haunt and abide within The Knowns environments and social stratifications.

AIs – Artifically Intelligences. Pre-Singularity, AIs performed a multitude of functions and existed as free entities within the solar system. Maybe utilised the vast metawork in order to interact and communicate,  as well as to interface with Augments. It was the agreement between AI and augments that lead to the Singularity, by attempting the formation of the Axiate. Post-Collapse, and throughout The Known, there are no longer any known AI entities in existence, and their disappearance is baffling, however it first appeared as if due to their non-biological origins, they were destroyed in the Surge. It is only recently realised, that many of these seed AIs were not destroyed, but were however transformed via vitiation. Remnants of previous seed AIs as well as the Axiate itself can be found throughout the known – these are now  known as Seeds. It is also posited, that, via the process of vitiation, these Seeds are the general cause of sentience within all non-human entities throughout The Known, utilising forms of Axiate/AI remnowledge as their basis for self-awareness in vitiated, corporeal entities such as animals and other biological entities.

Irikanji- vitiated animal and other biological forms (those which survived) . Many found in herded Claves, however many thousands have now spread throughout The Known to find niches amongst other, non-Irikanji Claves.

Axiate – The seed AI cohesion responsible for The Singularity. The Axiate no longer exists within The Known, however Seeds were responsible for much of the transformation – most agree that the Tehgu is a primary form of Seed, which diasporas via the act of vitiation. The Axiate was a boding of all terrestrial AI, intra-solar AI, and Augments in order to achieve Singularity. Its existence was brief, but before the Collapse, the Axiate was a system-wide consciousness incorporating billions of augments and AI systems. The cause of the breakdown of the Axiate into billions of fragmented claves, tehgu, and other Known entitites is unknown, with philosophers, scientists and explorers having many different theories. Some say that upon obtaining singularity, the Axiate went insane, some say that individuality retained by so many nodes fractured its over-mind, and some, a very few, believe that the Singularity obtained its purpose, and that so called devastation that has resulted in The Known is a part of a much vaster plan laid down by its unfathomable intelligence ..

Augments – Pre-Singularity humans who were augmented within metaworks. Augments were a part of the Singularity Cohesion.

Claves – loose affiliates of denizens throughout The Known.

The Cohesion – the point at which the singularity was formed. The cohesion was ultimately a failure, resulting in the Collapse.

The Collapse – the most highly debated, vilified and cataclysmic event in human history. The failure of the Axiom after the Singularity is a highly debated topic. No one is sure why the Collapse occurred, but it is this event that resulted in The Known. See Axiate.

Commvitiation – See Vitiation

Crowns – a by-product of Fields, crowns are latticed masses of Tehgu emerging from terrestrial and geological objects, often found linking terrestrial Fields with spatial Fields.

Dataseqs – Post-Singularity firewalls, utilised to protect against non-corporeal Vitiation.

Fields – large, impenetrable fields of Tehgu, spanning the entire Known. Fields are often tangled, masses of inert tehgu, stretching for thousands of kilometres. Many are constantly mutating and shifting, yet many are stable, and appear dormant. Several of these larger stable Fields hold atmospheric conditions, and are used by various different claves. Fields can be found throughout the known, terrestrially or spatially, and they are often joined together in lattices by Crowns.

Huclaves – includes Humanic Sphere and splintered Seqzones. These are zones of Human influence. “Human” is a loosely defined term to indicate any entity with a majority ratio of humaniform-bio tissue and DNA, but throughout The Known this is a very vague assumption, and there are uncounted varieties of humaniforms. The Irikanji Corps are responsible for law enforcement and stabilisation of the huclaves. Huclaves are often disparate, and follow seperate, territorial agendas. See Humanic Sphere.

Humanic Sphere – The Humanic Sphere is the most cohesive of all “human” claves. A strict adherance, known as The Mass Dictate, to humaniform bio tissue and DNA ratios place the Humanic Sphere in the highest percentile of any Huclave. The Humanic Sphere aims to re-stabilise The Known, and control further incursions of Tehgu and its Irikanji denizens – a lofty goal to which there is little headway made. Its primary goal is to re-unite the various Huclaves of The Known, in order to re-purpose humanity. It is rumoured that the Irikanji Corps are responsible for the creation of the Humanic Sphere, and that its inner council are comprised of long standing members of its ranks, however this is not verified. Tolerant of other variforms, anitechs, claves and pseudos, it seeks to establish rapport through mediation and diplomacy, rather than hostile tactics. It is often criticised for its strict adherance to the Mass Dictate, and often labelled xenophobic, even given its diplomatic efforts to establish relationships with the newer inhabitants of The Known.

Irikanji –

Irikanji Corps –

Kurse – verb/phrase, to Kurse you, Kursing asshole – root Kurzweil.

Mass Dictates – prototype laws of The Known, not universally adopted.

Metaworks – Pre-Singularity networks incorporating AI/human interfaces – the most advanced form of technological networking pre-sungularity. Metaworks are now fragile things, protected by Dataseqs in order to prevent both vitiation as well as commvitiation. Many are defunct, and splintered systems exist all throughout The Known.

Pseudos –

Remno – Remanant Knowledge. This is a vast collection of disparate data continued throughout The Known in various entities, post-surge – remknowledge is rumoured to be portions of data packets and libraries accumulated during singularity, and left behind by the Collapse of the Axiate.

Romechs – Vitiated Robots, Mechs and androidites – form various different communities and associations. Romechs are often unrecognisable as such and can often appear Veriformic in appearance, others are true to form. Romechs have little to do with the other claves and spheres of influence, since becoming vitiated and possessed of remno, the grudge they bear to their previous “masters” is great.

Seeds – entities formed by the Surge. Seeds incorporate, in many cases, and in many variations, Tehgu, Remnowledge and other destabilised points left over from the dissociation of the Axiate.

Seqzones – Sequestered/Secured zones. Areas of The Known that have been sequestered by specific Claves in order to arrest, quarantine or clear Vitiation brought about by Tehgu. As commvitiation is non-corporeal based, dataseqs are often utilised in conjunction with physical Seqzones.

Singularity –

The Surge – The point of Singularity. The Surge was a massive flood of consciousness across all entities, and, ultimately, it was this surge that cause irrevocable change due to lack of any controlling force from the Axiate. It is presumed by many that the Surge overwhelmed the Axiate during Singularity, which resulted in the Collapse just after the Axiate incorporated most of the metaworked nanotechnology in the system.

Tehgu – (Grey Goo/molecular nanotechnology/”The Goo”)  Much was posited int he 20th and 21st centurys of a catastrophic disaster involving runaways molecular nanotechnology and it was no surprise that this was a main effect of the Collapse. However, the form this took was radically different to previous postulations. Within Singularity, it is theorised that the many colonies of medical, private, military,  industrial, commercial and experimental nanotechnology was caught up within the Surge. Large nanomasses and colonies of unknown types were infused within the Axiate at the point of Singularity, meshing and interweaving with its massive group consciousness as extensions of its self. The incorporation of Teghu into the Axiate seems to have been without plan, however it is rumoured that that it was deliberately incorporated – for reasons unknown. It is also theorised that the incorporation of these colonies into the Axiate directly resulted in the Surge, and hence the Collapse. Post-Collapse, this nanotechnology was vastly mutated and thereafter know as Tehgu. It is further theorised that Teghu contains Remnowledge, and that the vast Fields, Crowns and Wilder that make up its colonies are in some way sentient, or at the least semi-sentient, if not self aware. Tehgu are often inert, but other forms may be highly infective, and as a result causes Vitiatio. It is from this Vitiation that the many varied, strange and outright alien entities have been formed – there are very few rumoured biological entities that have not been vitiated, in part at least, but some form of Tehgu. Tehgu also has the ability to alter non-organic structures, however this process is not well understood.

Trumen – Claves that believe they are the genetic inheritors of the Human legacy. Most pretend to boast a low percentage of vitiation, however it is unlikely that there are any that do not have a certain degree. Trumen are isolationistic, aggressive and secretive.

The Known – A collection of vitiated worlds, habitats and Fields throughout the Sol system.

The Wilder – areas outside the Known that have been over-run or Vitiated by Tehgu, or transformed in other ways that prevent passage or access. Wilder can be, and are, either terrestrial or spacial.

The Singularity –

Veriforms – verifroms are the result of vitiated genengineered humans. Pre-Singularity, many humans were adapted to work within a variety of environments across the solar system, from toxic and forieng environments such as the surface of Titan, to vacuum-dwellers and C02 breathers, veriforms were the pinnacle of fabricated evolution, allowing humanity to expand into most of the ecological and environmental niches across the system. Post-Collapse, many veriforms have undergone vitiation, and are almost unrecongisable from a human point of view. It is also rumoured that out of all of humanity, there are a large number of Claves of completely un-vitiated veriforms – due to their isolation from the Surge.

Vitiation – the act of transformation brought about post-collapse. Vitiation is enacted, in most cases, by Tehgu, however psychological and informational Vitiation can also be found to occur via communications, and, in many cases, this “Commvitiation” can accelerate and mutate with Tehgu based Vitiation. Vitiation is a common verb for any transformative or adeptive action Post-Singularity. Wilder are known zones of extremely active Vitiation.

Wilder – impenetrable or dangerously vitiative Fields. Many larger Wilder are charter and known, however due to the volotile nature of much of the Tehgu throughout The Known, Wilder often appear where none had been charted before, or often disappear, however, many have been stable since the Collapse.

Zero Point Accumulation – one of the most baffling mysteries surrounding the little known functions and workings of the Tehgu, the Zero Point Accumulation (ZPA) is the fundamental paradox of The Known. Energy utilised by the Tehgu has no clear point of origin, and it is assumed that Teghu may utilise Zero Point Energy in order to both replicate and function. It is rumoured that ZPA is a fundamental manifestation of Remnowledge, giving functioning Tehgu an unlimited amount of useable energy, it is commonly agreed that Fields are a manifestation of the Tehgu’s use of ZPA.