Original contemporary art prints.


  • May102003

    Once in a lullaby

    Later, with a bellyfull of fish and wine, we lay back and notified the clockwork mechanisms amongst the universe that…

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  • May052003

    Here be Hoojoobooble's

    …it was when we looked at the map and didnt know what was there, that he decided that we really…

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  • Apr282003


    okay, its gross – but its just a story … I wasnt really sure if it was because I wanted…

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  • Apr212003

    Solutions to the Ink

    Break light. “Shes a good fuck, you know” he says, the car pulling out from the driveway. Several scant seconds…

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  • Mar302003

    The Fortune of Heaven Itself

    In the dying half light of an autumns day, I took a fortune cookie from a packet and broke it…

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  • Mar032003


    “Pencil me in” she said. So I penciled in her name in the tattered notebook I carry around with me.…

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  • Feb232003

    To Touch the Sky

    When I showed her, my hand out flat and the blue playing around my palms, her mouth widened into an…

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  • Jan292003


    Do you want to know what is wrong with the world? Do you really, want to know what is wrong…

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  • Jan132003

    Arythmatic Folds.

    In one of those voices, the kind that send flakes of dandruff falling from your hair when you turn your…

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  • Jan042003

    Its a Dancing Thing

    There were things growing outside, and I had no idea why. Looking through the grimy windowpane, which was covered by…

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