Original contemporary art prints.


  • Jul192003

    Fossil Cats and Dichotomy’s

    I had paraplegics, sunshine, wanking and fossilised cats running around in my head – i jsut had to figure out…

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  • Jul172003

    Clipping Holistics

    Like one of those things you use when you bind paper. You know,t he clip type things. It waws in…

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  • Jul092003

    Retailing The End

    Thats just how retail is sometimes, you know? The first time it happened, I was down on the bottom floor.…

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  • Jul082003

    Glass Love, Crystal Glow

    Once upon a time, it was summer, and a boy decided that he had made enough money from his odd…

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  • Jul032003

    Spoil Me Not, Surprise Me Rush

    I broke open the flower. It had yet to unfurl, and in doing so I pre-empted its journey into the…

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  • Jul022003

    That Lady Of Ash And Straw

    Waiting, sitting on a bench. Its hard beneath me, and I can feel the slats breaking their way through the…

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  • Jun192003

    To Touch The Sigh

    Too many pieces of hazing sky had been crammed into a winters day. I took the shards from the ground…

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  • Jun182003

    The Madonna of Northbridge

    Some will tell you that the deserts are spreading. Others will proclaimt hat the density of grteen matter ont he…

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  • Jun162003

    Redemption, Pure as Snow

    So, THIS happened here the other day, and it got me thinking……. Time is mere perception. This is what I’m…

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  • Jun112003

    The Cut Down Desire

    He opened wide, exposing rotten teeth with all the charisma of, well, green, broken stumped and rotten teeth. Green, because…

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