Original contemporary art prints.


  • Jan212004

    The Grey Theology

    The absence of color can drive anyone insane, and yet for me, it is all too common. I’d wake at…

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  • Nov252003


    Its Sunday morning. You know that Sunday morning feeling, dont you. Where its all finished for the week, everything ia…

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  • Nov232003

    The Adoration Of Ruin

    When the bone broke, it felt like love. Like all the feelings you’ve ever felt, crammed into one brief instant,…

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  • Oct222003

    An Eye For A Smile, A Truth For A Truth.

    Stubbornly, the needle refused to penetrate his leathery skin, its tip hindered by the calloused scars upon his arm. “You…

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  • Oct202003

    Bovine Delusion

    There was jsut something in the way, like there always is. It was large, cross covered and politely jsut existing…

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  • Oct142003


    They met properly in the most auspicious and cliched location possible – an airport bar. He sat down. Luggage surrounding…

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  • Oct062003

    The Piper And The Port

    Where ever we went, he seemed to appear. Just standing there, hands clenched, eyes almost un-focused. In front of him,…

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  • Jul302003

    A Star In The Pocket

    “Fine,” I said, somewhat sulkily. I looked her in the eye and sighed. “I guess you jsut dont understand.” I…

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  • Jul272003

    Brevity of Flames

    A flame has a brief life. Unless, that is, it is contained in the plasma of a burning star –…

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  • Jul222003

    Breech in the Bastion, Fool of The Fold

    She was the queen of confrontation, I, the principle claim. I spent my days at the office avoiding people. Avoiding…

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