Original contemporary art prints.


  • Sep142005


    Shaped With A Kiss It was a simple affair really. Singing, drinking and a few moments of stolen glances here…

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  • Jul272005

    The Lap Lap

    (oher, something NEW) THe rash started pretty innocently. I’d been up all night snogging a malaysian-canadian backpacker down at The…

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  • Jul242005

    Stretched Across The Fields

    When we first arrived in the valley, Tenshuko and I, in the late spring, we had begun the settling of…

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  • Apr272005

    Melange Opus: Alpha

    In the dead of night, that time where even the curlews feared to bay and croon, Dan woke to the…

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  • Apr202005

    Protected: Your Nobility

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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  • Apr172005

    An Epitaph to Satisfaction

    He wanted to he needed to he felt it true he might have know, yet when faced with the task…

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  • Aug182004


    (sorry, this one is still pretty rough….) It was a job that she did – one that she enjoyed. She…

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  • Jul142004

    Digging the World

    The rain came in tendrils. Sleek pieces of sepereated water fell from the heavens with sporadic necessity – it had…

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  • Apr202004

    The Captains Duck

    Hear you well landlubbers, for I am the Captain, and this is my tale. One of woe to be sure,…

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  • Feb232004

    Waiting for the Sunshine

    I watched you that day you know, while you were laying there. While you were resting. Your body lanugishing on…

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