Original contemporary art prints.


  • Jan022010

    Grasping Liliums

    I met this girl with sunshine in her hair and a habit of holding my elbow. Im not really sure…

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  • Aug262009

    Our Change Of Season

    “Oh,” she said, slight contours of the mouth. Pleasure creases. Childlike and innocent, “it has ice in it?” “So its…

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  • Jan312007

    Book Passing on Oxford

    There is always something amongst the shelves. Always something there to be written, always another breath to be exhaled. Touch…

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  • Jan312007

    Bright Eyes

    I love her, yes I do, her with those eyes of bright shineyness. Its nothing about her, its just the…

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  • May102006


    I said hello, you fool. I love you. Come join the joyride – and w’re crusin at around a hundred…

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  • Apr072006

    The Little Between The Lie

    We die a greater death with every lie we tell ourselves, and we are born a smaller birth with every…

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  • Jan172006


    He figured that if a cat could eat its own tail in hunger, having accidentrally locked itself in a closet…

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  • Nov172005

    Tree Stump

    … if you wear black, plastic-ish shoes then sit in the sun for about half an hour and your feet…

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  • Nov102005

    Uncomfortably Numb At Times

      Uncomfortably Numb At Times I sat there that day, utterly dejected, wondering what the hell had gone so horribly…

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  • Oct252005


    Every so often, I take a bite out of a battery. Put it to my tongue. Wait for it to…

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