Original contemporary art prints.


  • Apr252003

    The Ticking Man – A Fable Of Questions

    Before the end of the world, the Ticking Man held his eyes out to see the beyond, from within his…

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  • Mar142003

    Words from others

    ….well that was a sucessful little activity wasnt it? This is what I have so far, if you havnt added…

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  • Mar052003


    Outside, in the back yard, we have a rather inconspicuous looking bush that voeres a large section of the garden…by…

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  • Mar042003


    For stories that are over 2600 years old, Aesop really hits the nail on the head with so many things….(even…

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  • Feb062003


    …..why do I love Bertrand Russell? Because he is one of the most down to earth and amazing philosophers this…

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  • Jan282003

    The Creek

    Down near the range, where the iron leaked out of the sides of cliffs like bloated leeches squeezed between fingertips,…

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  • Jan022003

    Am watching….

    ….one of the most interesting documentaries on modern Chinese performance art. It is covering most of the oof-shoulder and outer…

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  • Dec302002

    I began…

    ..watching the first of the two part “The Dinosaur Hunters”, a BBC docu-drama about the victorian era dinosaur hunters, and…

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  • Oct302002


    The World Ends Tomorrow and YOU Well, no, probably not…but whatever you do, just keep reading!

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  • Oct232002

    do you know…

    …when somehing comes from within, someting that bubbles and bursts all out and finally gains the attention it deserves within…

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