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  • Jun102005

    the unwritten law

    I mean, look: we’re all human beings with appetites and all that stuff. So what if you think about a…

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  • Jun102005


    Its friday and the lights are out. The lights up there, in that sky thats all grey and bleak and…

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  • Jun012005


    Fletch says: life is to be experienced, not hidden from Fletch says: sex and relationships contstitute learning and knowledge Fletch…

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  • May092005


    Hey, just a question: Is jesus always wearing those nappies in those paintings because he was never toilet trained? Would…

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  • Apr282005

    Checklist For Happy Benefit Prosperity You

    – Stuff cornflakes into your mouth until you can hardly breath. Pour milk into your mouth. – Wash new clothes…

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  • Mar282005

    Disaster Brew Day

    So today was my brewing day. Weather looks good for the enxt few days…. Started off doing my ale. Steeped…

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  • Nov022004

    If I could make my own sitcom…

    …If I could create my own sitcom with five people from other sitcoms, this is the sitcom I would create.…

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  • Dec242003


    Today. I think I did something pretty bad. My friend and I got off the train and started walking into…

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  • Nov052003

    Protected: Betting The Wind

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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  • Oct042003

    Dreams with Famous People

    Strangely enough, I hardly ever remember my dreams. So last night, when I dreamt, and I woke up, and actually…

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