Original contemporary art prints.


  • Aug252005

    MargYAARRet River

    (yes, the typos are…

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  • Aug092005


    Tonight, I feel like complaining about the mass destruction of the Crayola habitat, and their genocide. Did you know that…

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  • Jul272005

    The Lap Lap

    (oher, something NEW) THe rash started pretty innocently. I’d been up all night snogging a malaysian-canadian backpacker down at The…

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  • Jun302005

    What is an individual?

    I mean, really – individuality? Deep down, we’re still just monkeys scratching our asses and wondering what happened to all…

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  • Jun282005

    Younger days

    When I was much younger, I lived Β in a place called Nhulunbuy (Gove) ..i remember a lot about it, like…

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  • Jun272005

    Sandology: Sandometers Available Now

    Scientologists would have you believe that the E-Meter, or “electro-psychometer (E-meter)” is a kind of lie detecting device. It is…

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  • Jun272005

    Scientology: The Galatic Tyrant and Death by 3D TV

    Hubbards books, with the possible exception of Battlefield were all crap – but how the hell,c ant he following people…

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  • Jun212005

    Scottys Tatt

    My best mate Scotty (MC Assassin) jsut got my, Adam and Hutchos initials tattoed on his elbow πŸ™‚

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  • Jun142005

    Okay, Kansas

    Let me get this straight – Kansas City, isnt actually in Kansas, its in Missouri. Okay. Why isnt it called…

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  • Jun132005

    Hello? World?

    Dear world, Why are you spinning? Are you dizzy? Have you had too many beers? I know sometimes, I spin…

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