Original contemporary art prints.


  • Aug272006

    The Year: 8029

    …as the thirty year war between the Spetimum Hegemony and the Virtustructure drags on to its unfathomable conclusion amongst the…

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  • Aug152006

    Conversation with God

    I had a conversation with god, and I am disappointed. Me: i want to know if gerbils have souls God:…

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  • May302006

    The Hymn to Ninkasi

    Borne of the flowing water, Tenderly cared for by the Ninhursag, Borne of the flowing water, Tenderly cared for by…

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  • Jan312006

    And In The News

    Fletcher Holograms From Megalowiki, the free megalopedia. This article documents a current event. Information may change rapidly as the event…

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  • Jan232006

    The Case Of The Weird Crook

    Okay, so I get this Skype message fromt his girl and she wants to chat. Then, whenever I talk to…

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  • Jan222006


    Good evening, and welcome to the Fletcher Show. On tonights show, we show you how to create a unicorn out…

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  • Nov012005

    …maybe just one more bit.

    Do you remember your first time? Do you remember, putting your lips to its smooth surface, placing it in your…

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  • Oct212005

    the anonymous

    – and im thinking of her, my anonymous lipstick lover – and who she may be. im thinking to myself…

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  • Oct172005


    Spentakulish: the art of being Spentakular.

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  • Sep292005

    Writers are Otters

    Neil Gaiman: Except the trouble is, as a creator…I saw a lovely analogy recently. Somebody said that writers are like…

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