Original contemporary art prints.


  • Jun242003

    The Walk, Trash can treasure and Lou Barlow

    Today – a day like any toher, sitting around in the office, smothered by work work all the work, yeah,…

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  • Jun202003

    Afternoon Away Away Away

    He walked up behind me in the office, I didnt see him do so. “Whats that?” he asked as I…

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  • Jun052003

    ….yeah Yeah yeah ….

    Dreaming of that Dream where You Dream Your Dreaming and You Wake Up And The World Has Turned Into A…

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  • May062003


    My balls are cold and I kinda wonder where I am, down the back of an alley stealing into the…

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  • May032003

    The days move until the night falls.

    The day moves – it shifts and creaks. Outside, a chainsaw cuts through the morning air and I can feel…

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  • Apr302003

    Time to Wa…. it.

    I watch the spiral of time wrap its little pinky across the width of my chest. It sits there, boiling…

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  • Apr082003

    Days like these…

    …are empty days. Days of nothing, once more, once more..rolling around, sitting. Looking through boxes. Yes. Ahh, those boxes. What…

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  • Mar262003

    Twice new, Stars old

    Every time I wander outside, I look towards the sky, and wonder to myself “Why of all places, am I…

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  • Mar152003


    Its all about sacrifice. He woke up in a pool of his own satisfaction, it wasnt easy to do, but…

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  • Mar142003

    Words from others

    ….well that was a sucessful little activity wasnt it? This is what I have so far, if you havnt added…

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