Original contemporary art prints.


  • Apr172005

    An Epitaph to Satisfaction

    He wanted to he needed to he felt it true he might have know, yet when faced with the task…

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  • Mar162005

    Your Havens

    Yeah. You know me. Sitting up the back. Usually drawing. Head to the side in the classroom, listening to every…

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  • Aug232004


    Please put your keyboards in their upright position. Please scratch at your chin with willful abandon. Please insert two coins,…

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  • Sep182003

    Everything Is As It Should Be

    It was there, on my thumbs. Under my nails. Silent, waiting. I flicked a little underneath, and extracted it. Color,…

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  • Jul192003

    Points of view

    I abhore violence. I abhore the ill treatment of women, whether it be through violent means such as rape or…

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  • Jul192003

    Fossil Cats and Dichotomy’s

    I had paraplegics, sunshine, wanking and fossilised cats running around in my head – i jsut had to figure out…

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  • Jul152003

    Is there truth…

    …in the things that I have left to say? Do I have anything to say at all? IF I do,…

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  • Jul072003

    The Beach: A Goats Ideaology.

    I had this thing. When you have a thing, you are in possession of a very important beach of thought.…

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  • Jul062003

    Hello, flam..flim

    Theres a story, in those eyes… ….light across. Flight regression – I walk across the street to just another ATM.…

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  • Jun272003

    Only With A Stranger

    I am a stranger in my own town. A vagabond in my city. I walk the idle streets an think…

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