Original contemporary art prints.


  • Jan052015


    …. then there was the time she let me place those intricate, flowing lines of self upon the soft contours…

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  • Jun062014

    The Dictum

    It’s hard to stay sated. Lumbered and thorough, your life on the edge of a broken wheel, tumbling with fucking…

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  • Feb012011

    Nineteen Smiles

        I chase a smile like a three letter word – and, she, yes, may, its – but for…

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  • Jan222010

    The Lattice

    There you are. So there you fucking are. That euphemism, the one in the corner and the one that sits…

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  • Aug182008


    I have this impression of a moment – its there and wandering in the cornice. The shed out the back…

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  • Mar202007

    The Mastery

    “If you are wondering whether you’ll have to stand vigilant with pencil and paper until the end of your days…

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  • Mar062007

    For I Am Schrödinger's cat

    I am the cat in Schrödinger’s box. I live in a house whose structural integrity is unsound. The foundation of…

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  • Feb182007

    The Slightest Fragment

    I need to edge out the science of over performing. Over correcting and over-relating to all those things that have…

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  • Oct102006

    Stipulating lubrication

    Often times you must actually decide what it is that you need – is it a flower? Oh no, is…

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  • Aug212006


    Hearts racing like a gunfire cotton shot, fingers are twitching and the rumination of the belief that I hold here:…

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