Original contemporary art prints.


  • Jan012003


    Home – Where the minutes run riot in my mind. The surreal sounds, faces and times wrap their familiararity around…

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  • Feb102002


    ..we live in interesting times – Never are the decisions, taken lightly, even those that persuade us to negate mortality…

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  • Jan282002

    If we do, then where does it leave us? Impoverished? Opaque? Un-identifiable? ….or does it merely leave us with our…

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  • Jan152002


    I have a book. Blank, white pages, staring listlessly. Beckoning to me, They dont even know my name. How could…

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  • Dec212001

    What of…

    What of a heavy hand upon our modesty, a finger pointing towards our pride – and what of a foot…

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  • Nov012001


    A memory from 6/7/2001 … We drove home, and were going around the fens around the fens, which is a…

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  • Oct302001


    Solenium – ubiquitous world. Green, sheathed in pleasure fuck, a sky, deeper than mounted Cradles, loath to touch pierced Lips,…

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  • Aug182001


    Crush, the lament of cool – stranded on a corner, feeding from disembarked rats – I lay, quietly, amongst the…

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