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  • Nov052005


    Excerpt – Mephisto Poetry Group – Cairns, 1996

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  • Jul062005


    Jerking motions fray nerves, cascading movements jolting the pen – collapsing waves decay out and in, a pony sways its…

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  • Nov132003

    Strange Girl

    This strange girl came into my room last night she walked over, lips so close to mine and said “This…

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  • Sep022003

    Those Old School Days…

    We used dance some days, to the wild style breakbeat, remembering the days of tattered cardboard and crews – Where…

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  • Aug242003

    Night, life, continuance….joy.

    Shifting sleep, downing the dreams, Pieces of the evening float inside ice-globes across the sea, where the waves appear only…

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  • May122003


    …perched on the rock, I see the way down. Fallen, inside and out, I have travelled many a pathwy, crossed…

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  • Apr252003

    The Ticking Man – A Fable Of Questions

    Before the end of the world, the Ticking Man held his eyes out to see the beyond, from within his…

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  • Apr142003

    Notes From A Strange Island…

    ..if it was edited, the poem would go like this: Vines close in over my head; the messages that are…

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  • Feb092003

    The Reel

    The reel pointed it out – We are merely the totality of our fucking wasted experiences, the dissolved and refined…

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  • Jan252003

    The Journey and The Way

    this is a versical-narrative about a trip down to Margaret river with Alec and co .. On the evening, we drove South,…

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