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Excerpt – Mephisto Poetry Group – Cairns, 1996


Jerking motions fray nerves,
cascading movements jolting
the pen – collapsing waves
decay out and in, a pony
sways its head to and fro,
eating at the riverside grass –

it grows in carbon diatoms,
rigourous and bleeding from pin-hole
words, the metrinome of its life
clicking, slowly and softly –

         while the record button
         is depressed.

Strange Girl

This strange girl
came into my room last night
she walked over,
lips so close to mine
and said
“This isn’t the dawn
of a new age
this isn’t the end
of an old one”

She turned her head away,
this strange girl
and with one movement
her clothing
to the ground beneath my feet,
then whispering so gently –
“It has already begun
for there was no dawn,
no end -”
Her lips met mine,
I took her all as best I could –
then this strange girl
walked naked, to the door,
Out into the street….

Those Old School Days…

We used dance some days,
to the wild style breakbeat,
remembering the days
of tattered cardboard and crews –
Where Cinema City was
the pinacle of our worlds
revolution, and the graf
flowed free and un-hindered
through the underpasses of our City –

That smell of half wet spray, lingered
on our shoes along with the flecks of
aqua and fuscia blues spattered on
the Fila jackets we used to use –
and each Saturday you could find us,
massing outside the McDonalds on Hay,
Trading designs and hip-hop chimes
via cassette and faded sketchpads,
talking in our own broken rhymes…

These days the beats still meander
through the memories of Perths
Hip-Hop culture – and we no longer
loiter round Cinema City’s foyer,
instead, we congregate some nights,
those of us who remember –

And sometimes in rumination,
our conversations wander back
to the days when the old school
was so damned new and un-squandered,
and the B-boys and Girls lived, lost
and pondered, and when those beats
start over we relive those moments,
more fresh than the scent
of Tuxan –

Sweet, un-capped, and

this was in aid of this event that I’m going to go see next week –

PROFILE : Rock Steady Crew

The Rock Steady Crew was established in 1977 by Bronx b.boys Jimmy D and Jojo. Only the best b.boys were down with Rock Steady. To get into Rock Steady you had to battle one of the other b.boys in the crew. It was a competition few people won.
The turning point for Rock Steady was in 1981 when people began to take notice of all the noise new members Crazy Legs, Frosty Freeze, Take One, Little Crazy Legs and Ken Swift were making in Manhattan. In the winter of 1982 the Rock Steady Crew were invited to perform alongside the “Godfather of
Hip Hop” Afrika Bambaata not soon after being invited to become members of the Zulu Kings and becoming an integral part of the Zulu Nation.
It was during this period The Rock Steady Crew made several not just noteable appearence’s but classic timeless appearences in all the legendary Hop Hip Classic movies “Beat Street”, “Wild Style” and “Style Wars”`to only name a few.
In 1983 Charisma Records approached the Rock Steady Crew with a record deal. The record “Hey You, The Rock Steady Crew” was in the top ten charts in Great Britain and sold over a million copies … Later in the 80’s the Rock Steady Crew again rose to notreity for their musical “So, What Happens Now?” which has since gone on to break attendance records. The Rock Steady Crew represent the essence of hip-hop culture … an icon and enduring standard …

* Crazy Legs : Richard “Crazy Legs” Colón a 24-year veteran of Hip-Hop culture, is one of the original members of the Rock Steady Crew and Ghettoriginal Productions and has been featured in such films as Flashdance, Beat Street, Wild Style and Style Wars.
* Fabel : President of the Hierophysics crew, Senior Vice President of the Rock Steady Crew, member of Magnificent Force, and an honorary member of the Electric Boogaloos.
* Alien Ness : Original member of Boogie Down Productions he has appeared in the movies ”The Last Dragon” and ”Krush Groove,”. ”He’s numero uno… The original… b-boy killer.” Afrika Bambaatta – Godfather of Hip-Hop
* Fever-1 : Fever one has been featured in several music videos (DJ Honda, LFO & Tony Touch) and judged battles for Rock Steady Crew and Zulu Nation anniversaries.
* Q-Unique : Q Unique would partake in the other elements as well as Breakin’ in The Roots “Clones” video and Def Squad “Rappers Delight Remake” video. He has also DJ ‘s in various Hip Hop events and venues also putting out a series of his own mix tapes.
* GEO : “Geo is one of the illest b-boys out there.” Grand Wizard Theodore Creator of the ”Scratch”.

Night, life, continuance….joy.

Shifting sleep,
downing the dreams,
Pieces of the evening
float inside ice-globes
across the sea,
where the waves appear only
as lines upon the morrow –
a cold cello note drowns
out any other noise –
those seconds,
of discontinued sleep,
will drop and drag
a simple hour
across the oceans fortress.

The figure rests,
close, close….

….and the gate themselves are flung open.


…perched on the rock, I see the way down.

Fallen, inside and out,

I have travelled many a pathwy, crossed a river

or five thousand, watched the sun set

upon the mediocre boulevard of life and lust,

walked the way towards the sun and plucked

flowers from a garland around a dutchesses neck –

down there, in the water, the dreams that

I dreamed of during a lullaby gone and past,

are untroubled by unbidden wishes and reclusive drops

of rain from a clear blue sky –

I look down, towards the water, the rocks at the bottom,

and I know I have crossed a bridge or

ten thousand, and I think to myself what a wonderful

way, down towards the clouds below and the bright

bliss of being here on the mother world, and I am

flying, below, towards the rainbow, the colors

of broken flowers, garland shaken and my

hand on her hand, and people wishing, waiting

for the landing and the aura of life to bloom

across the eyes that shine back towards mine

and I tihnk to myself, as I fall towards the destiny below –

what a world, what a sight, what a dream that

I have dreamed in this summertime and what

a ripple I have made, in all the conquored hearts in

this life and those which have fallen out,

and I am flying, falling, racing – breathing in and out,

until I melt into the sea, the splashing of a child into tranquility –


I lay broken, torn down below the crystal night –

a garland of flowers twisted around my heart, and a

bridge above, swaying, bright and unlimited,

in the days autiminal twilight.

Hello my lover, I have bought you these flowers –

for I have arrived…….

The Ticking Man – A Fable Of Questions

Before the end of the world, the Ticking Man held his eyes out to see the beyond,
from within his outer skin he imagined a land of beauty and reluctance,or power and travesty,
a land where those who would be fortunate were,and those who would be in crisis,
were to abound in dissidence,

The Ticking Man began his journey one short nova’s day,
his head alight with visions of this new realm and its colors, its vibrancy and its matters,
and coming to the shores of his vision,
he spied a boat from within his imagination to carry him on his voyage of transmeta luminance,
to discover this country of betters.
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Notes From A Strange Island…

..if it was edited, the poem would go like this:

Vines close in over my head;

the messages that are left
pour through the trussed
monkey vines.

Dipping one wet finger into
the squalid leaves, the elixar

I sleep,
where the Panda’s creep,
at a time when the Zen
tends to swallow
hearts whole.

The Reel

The reel pointed it out –

We are merely the
totality of our fucking

wasted experiences,

the dissolved and refined
pure cut delicately

molded pills of each others

come downs, the glucose-less

packets of

verbal amphetamines
snatched by the mirror

reflecting our eyes.

are the presence of
the weekend – when we

let loose like a spliff’s smoke, and

deliciously coiled into the evening.

The Journey and The Way

this is a versical-narrative about a trip down to Margaret river with Alec and co ..

On the evening, we drove
South, towards the
lost friends found in the
dead of night, and a
clear through
bottle of Kirov
in hand,
and as the cards scatter
in the wind all about,
We slumber on air, and
the kangaroo’s
deposit their morning
upon the lawn
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