Original contemporary art prints.


  • Feb222006

    The Taste Of Spring

    I sip on what is left in the jar. The taste – dust – motes, minor penetrating permutations of perplexing…

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  • Feb062006


    Has it occured to you, that the kiss was merely that which optioned me like a film? As a script…

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  • Jan312006

    And In The News

    Fletcher Holograms From Megalowiki, the free megalopedia. This article documents a current event. Information may change rapidly as the event…

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  • Jan232006

    The Case Of The Weird Crook

    Okay, so I get this Skype message fromt his girl and she wants to chat. Then, whenever I talk to…

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  • Jan222006


    Good evening, and welcome to the Fletcher Show. On tonights show, we show you how to create a unicorn out…

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  • Jan172006


    He figured that if a cat could eat its own tail in hunger, having accidentrally locked itself in a closet…

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  • Dec072005

    My deal

    Heres my deal. My first name is Fletcher. Fletcher Acton Andersen to be precise. It is not a common name,…

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  • Nov172005

    The Things that Stuff makes possible

    I wrap myself in illusion – only because all too often the reality of where I am, is too damned…

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  • Nov172005

    Tree Stump

    … if you wear black, plastic-ish shoes then sit in the sun for about half an hour and your feet…

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  • Nov102005

    Uncomfortably Numb At Times

      Uncomfortably Numb At Times I sat there that day, utterly dejected, wondering what the hell had gone so horribly…

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