Original contemporary art prints.


  • Dec212001

    What of…

    What of a heavy hand upon our modesty, a finger pointing towards our pride – and what of a foot…

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  • Dec142001


    “When I was young I walked all over this country, east and west, and saw no other people than the…

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  • Nov012001


    A memory from 6/7/2001 … We drove home, and were going around the fens around the fens, which is a…

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  • Oct302001


    Solenium – ubiquitous world. Green, sheathed in pleasure fuck, a sky, deeper than mounted Cradles, loath to touch pierced Lips,…

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  • Oct172001

    Enveloping Notational Clause's

    Our lives are linear, beginning with birth, ending with death – this much is obvious – but how do we…

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  • Oct032001

    The Tragic Misconception of Velona Bilk

    She headed out early, all mussed and fussed to the hilt with cerebral style. Drunk, postured and conniving, acid an…

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  • Oct012001

    ..noticing things…

    I notice small things. A leaf in a gutter, moving slowly towards a strange black hole in the ground….or just…

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  • Sep252001

    Collateral Damage

    He pauses on the edge of his seat, leaning forward briskly – bile at the edge of his mouth. The…

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  • Sep242001

    ….a drinking story !

    From: “DJ Warchild” Date: Mon Sep 24, 2001 10:01 am Subject: Friday Night Drinking adventure Lets see… Where to begin……

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  • Aug232001

    Postulations of Process.

    Its a strange thing, this circular life we lead. We meet people every day, some filter about our reality for…

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