Original contemporary art prints.


  • Sep292003

    Hours of the day…

    I decided that the hour of the day between night and day is my favorite, before the sun is fully…

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  • Sep152003

    The Gift Of Meta-Humanity

    http://www.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,4057,7268983%255E13762,00.html H.G.Wells would be rubbing his hands together in glee. I think its this is all just another step-off in…

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  • Sep092003

    Nanotechnology – the Approaching Diamond Age

    Who here is familiar with the many different facets of nanotechnology? When I was fifteen, I read a book by…

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  • Jul212003

    The Human Condition

    I guess, that at the end of the day, I could be counted as one of many Transhumanist’s… Transhumanism: The…

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  • Jul152003

    Is there truth…

    …in the things that I have left to say? Do I have anything to say at all? IF I do,…

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  • May052003

    Here be Hoojoobooble's

    …it was when we looked at the map and didnt know what was there, that he decided that we really…

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  • Mar262003

    Twice new, Stars old

    Every time I wander outside, I look towards the sky, and wonder to myself “Why of all places, am I…

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  • Sep022002

    What is faith anyways?

    I always struggle with matters of faith – I am agnostic, and as such always find it a battle when…

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  • Aug282002


    What use is power, really? Those who wield it, do so with only a meager thought for those that are…

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  • Aug232002

    Why not?

    Why such a fascination with space? Well, why not? Having been brought up in a ubiquitous family that embraced creativity…

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