Original contemporary art prints.


  • Feb032012

    What its not. What it is.

    Seriously, it’s not a competition. It’s not about who puts up what first. You don’t have to be the first…

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  • Jan222006


    Good evening, and welcome to the Fletcher Show. On tonights show, we show you how to create a unicorn out…

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  • Dec072005

    My deal

    Heres my deal. My first name is Fletcher. Fletcher Acton Andersen to be precise. It is not a common name,…

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  • Nov012005

    …maybe just one more bit.

    Do you remember your first time? Do you remember, putting your lips to its smooth surface, placing it in your…

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  • Nov012005


    “Tracing is reproducing a piece by placing a sheet of paper over it and following the lines with a pencil…

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  • Oct172005


    … and in the end, does it matter? The various personas, the ways in which we segment ourselves our –…

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  • Sep092005

    Live the Life Unpossible

    There are many things int his world that are unpossible. Living the life of the unpossible, is, strangely, also quite…

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  • Sep012005


    Okay – I edited this entry a bit – please listen to this song whilst you are reading this next…

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  • Aug312005

    You said…

    …you said “Cant win, dont try” Cant win, dont try. And you know what? You were right. You were right…

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  • Aug302005


    There are blatant misunderstandings amongst our reality – and as with any winter, the mysogynistic grey of clouds that band…

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