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Another up coming show …

Was asked to put some pieces in to the final show at Surface POPs St Kilda Gallery, before they move to a new space – so I’ll be putting in a mix of some older pieces and some new … will be a fantasticly fun night, so come on down 🙂

“Going out with a bang, Surface POP is finishing off where it’s about to start up again at T-Squat. Come celebrate new beginnings at Surface POP’s final exhibition at 11-13 Carlisle Street St. Kilda for a 3 day only POP-UP featuring T-Squat and Surface POP Artists & some of Melbournes Finest!

Regan Tamanui – HAHA
Phoenix the Street Artist
Jak Rapmund
Conrad Bizjak
Aaron McKenzie
James Watkins
Ryan McGennisken
Fletcher Andersen
Sarah Mcfarlane
Robbie Warden
The Void
Nathan Trapnell”

You can check out the event on the Surface POP website or on the facebook event page.

.. I’m also still working away bit by bit on my part of the wall in the new workshop .. would like to get it finished before the fit out this weekend but we shall see.

Stuff from the ride that has been 2011 so far

Man, I havent updated for a bit, sorry about that – its been pretty hectic.  In amongst working full time, setting up the new studio for Invurt – oh, and DOING Invurt, doing artwork for a few shows, making music with my best mate (as The Hesperians) and actually having a social life … well, lets just say that I havent been sleeping much, and have been slightly neglecting this blog as well! I sometimes update on my facebook page, so check that as well …

I have some pieces in this show at Artboy Gallery on Friday night – come down and check it out! All the other artwork in the show looks amazing!

These are two of the pieces I have for the show, and some others …

This is the mural that I have been working on in the new Invurt workshop with my friend Heidi – still a fair bit to go, but hopefully I can get it finished before the launch on the 24th of March!

.. and just another little thing I played with to try a few new things 🙂

Exhibition – Cardbordia – At Large Gallery – VIC

(This has been cross-posted from Invurt!)

So, next week some friends and I will be getting together @ At Large Gallery in Northcote for a bit of fun to do a pop-up-installation-style show, in a big mash-up collaborative effort – and we’d like to invite you all along to check it out.

“At Large Gallery & Invurt present Cardbordia, a collective excursion into a variety of cardboard inspired installations, works, prints, paste-ups, cutouts, collaborative art, projections and soundscapes. In the lead up to the show, the Carbordia crew will spend the week  transforming the At Large gallery into a celebration of carded goodness, with an array of urban focused styles and mediums!!

Featuring Enix Hart, Mishap, Sim2, Rachee Renee, Magnus McTavish, Fletcher Andersen, Danarchy, the creative sounds of Fergus, and proudly sponsored by Visy Cardboard, the show will be an amazing Three Dimensional Feast of the Senses, and one of the first ever Installation Style Shows @ At Large Gallery.

Pretty much, we are going to go apeshit with a truckload of cardboard – and its going to be funky as –

cardbordia (Medium)


Enix Hart – bringing influences from a plethora of different disciplines including 3D Modeling and Animation, Graphic Design and Mixed Media, Enix Hart strives to stretch new styles constantly. Having fallen in love with spray paint in 2008 Enix plans to cover the world in delicious colours that can be chewed up and savoured by those who have the hunger.

Mishap & Simz – Simz, or Sim2, originally from WA, is nowadays best known for decorating walls around Melbourne with his macabre science-fiction and mechanical style. In contrast, Mishap’s strategically placed sultry feminine characters in and around inner city laneways have also been turning heads.  The creative pair have been quickly paving their way in the street art scene since joining forces over three years ago. While continuing to add to their repertoire of exhibitions, Mishap and Simz are also focused these days on collaborative murals and the running of a gallery space that promotes artists of a similar mindset.

Rachee Renee – Rachee Renee has been brightening streets, alleyways, drains, warehouses, galleries, bars and clubs with stencils, characters and killer ladies throughout Melbourne and internationally under numerous aliases for at least the last decade! She would have been recently seen painting up a storm at Sketch City events (, creating artwork peeps can dance to! Rachee’s style is influenced by pop surrealism, street art and all kinds of Japanese kitsch, creating cute and colourful art thats just a little provocative. Website:

Magnus McTavish – Growing up in Brisbane’s wild West End, and now residing in Melbourne, Magnus has a long and prolific association with the core artists of the Brisbane street art scene, working alongside pioneers across generations of the culture.

“Magnus McTavish has never worked in Magic, But has a background in fine arts, also Known for schooling such legends as Ksino and AnThony Lister. Also Has Been practicing for many than 15 years. No more Of the Old, In with the Black. Appropriation of space is one of his main stays. Work by the Artist Is now also on Display this year, at the National Gallery Of Australia Canberra. As well As a Protest Mural at the Supreme Court Of Brisbane. You can view many of his works throughout time without worrying what he is doing in Magic… you may view his latest books In this next exhibition.”

Fletcher Andersen – Having moved to Melbourne in the not so distant past, and with a life long passion for street art, and a hands on passion since his days spent bombing Perth in the early 90s, Fletch has now immersed himself in Melbournes thriving art culture. Following his successful first solo show back in September, his love of all things robotic, science fiction and organic has engendered a unique style that he continues to push in new directions. Fletch is also the editor and writer of Invurt – a blogzine with the sole aim of promoting established and emerging Australian urban, street, illustrative and low brow artists – all that which he loves – to a wider local, national, and international audience. Website: &

Danarchy – this obnoxious artful-dodger, punka-basta – or whatever stereotype fits – is often found using his artistic flair as a way to keep his head above water, and, sometimes, out of trouble. In his eternal quest for reason and answers, he divulges his creativity and self expression with a consistent and endless questioning of the world, and the various vestiges of Authority around us.

Fergus – No stranger to Melbournes electronic music scene, and with a plethora of releases on some of the worlds top labels, DJ Fergus is the sound sculptor for the Cardbordia crew. As a producer, DJ and part of the emerging power-house band that is the Freak Technique, Fergus will lends his diverse audio skills in bringing the visual diversity of Cardbordia to life with a customised audioscape prepared specially for the show.

What: Cardbordia group installation show
Where: At Large Gallery, 208 High Street, Northcote
When: Show opens 6pm til 9pm, Friday 19th November and runs til December 2nd

Check out the At Large website as well as the facebook event page, for more info on the show!

Bits and pieces of news and stuff …

Thought I’d just update with a little news …

I have a piece in the upcoming exhibition “A3 small art show” – which will be a one off print based on a new ink work with  custom embellishments – something new – check out the facebook page here – so many great artists involved and its all for charity 🙂

Had a meeting yesterday with a couple of friends for a group show we will be opening on the 19th November at At Large gallery, called Cardboardia – will post the flyer up for this once its done, but its going to be a really cool installation-style exhibition and I’m pretty excited to be working with the other talented artists on it!

I’m also working on getting a start on finishing up several of the books I’ve been working on over the past few years … the first few will be retrospective ones, covering my writing (mostly verse and poetry) since 1990 – there are five of these, each one covering a particular place I was at at the time – Cairns, Perth, Boston and London, then the last one, Perth/Melbourne and my trip to SE Asia (Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand) –  each will be a volume in the Shikata Ga Nai collection. A lot it is very narrative in a way, as I used my writing as a form of diary of things that happened along the way …

The second set will be a collection of mostly fiction and prose, written between 2002 and now. The first book, Ephemeration, is a collection of a lot of the work on here and written through journals and blogs over the years – all very short pieces,  some only a page or two long, and mostly just random prose – interesting non-theless. The second one, will be a book of short stories and novellas – some of which are on here in draft form.

Finally, I have vaguely been starting to put together some books on my art .. I’ll probably do this in two editions as well – one covering the entire past 20 years of drawing shit, and the second one will be covering mostly the past five years in more detail .. so the first one will have a lot of history and shit behind it, and also show a kind of genesis of work .. the second one will have all of my recent work …

I’d also love to turn all the stuff I do with Invurt into a yearly print-magazine – but that project is just in the “thinkin about it and looking into it” stage … I’d want to do it right.

All of these will be available for online ordering as well as in e-book format, at the moment, either through Lulu or Blurb – probably Lulu atm, as I would like to attach ISBNs on them ..

Anyways, so that, along with Invurt, is pretty much what I’m working on right now – its good to be creatively busy 🙂

Just a bit of news ..


So anyways, I’ve been working on getting this site up to standard so I can actually properly release it .. I’ve put the link here and there but I still haven’t really put it “out there” .. I have set up a shop for pieces for sale, tried to fix up the gallery, and added a whole huge back catalogue of writing as well – I wont put up my recent stuff, but all of my old drafts and back catalogue of stuff is up here now … and why not? I’m slack when it comes to my writing, and I figure as I have been slack with it and not done anything with it for years now, I may as well let people read it … theres so much more to come though once I sort it all out!

So, stay tuned, I’m setting up a facebook fan page and a few other things … so there will be a lot of updates in the next week or two, and then I’ll be more regularly updating this site ..

Welcome to The Known

Welcome to Irikanji, and The Known.

If you’re interested in finding out all the info about this website, then please check out the Data page .. that’ll give you a brief run down on whats on here. Then, delve further into information behind the Singularity, as well as background narrative on The Known

Some of the terminology will probably throw you, so check the Codex section for reference, then cruise on into the Ocular Cache to have a look at some of the illustrations, drawings and working images of the artwork. Afterwards, you might want to do a bit of reading, so have a look at the Accounts section .. and, then if you’re still surfing around, look at the Allusions section and that’ll give you a bunch of links to a big swath of cool and awesome wesites, books, documentaries and music that Ive used for inspiration over the years.

I’ll be regularly updating this blog with a bunch of stuff dealing wit the known, and every so often there will be other general updates on projects and other work I’m doing here and there …

Mostly though, just enjoy – and if you have anything you need, you can contact me here