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Respite & Reclination

It’s been a massive year … I did a whole bunch of exhibitions, a solo show, went up to Outpost Project, cranked the website, painted a whole heap of spots … so I’m really looking forward to the next three weeks off work as of next week – pretty much going to paint for the entire duration.

I’ve been working on a new project for about the past month or so, and almost have it all ready, really looking forward to getting it out there!

We did some painting down at Union Lane in Prahran, and Wayne Tindall did this video of the afternoon – was fun, even though I still havent finished my piece as I was coming down with the flu that afternoon …

In the meantime, here’s a small roundup of pics and stuff from the last month or so – post-exhibition!


Piccolo Espresso


The Big Draw – Trails @ Blender studio316474_10150410022435477_609765476_10240250_1048514961_n

Piece for Pastemodernism 3 at Outpost Project 


More trees …


Experimenting at Botherambo st with ReVurt

Quick sketch



Err, a card for a baby shower? hahaha …

facter1 facter2 facter3

Rival Revolution collaborative drawing up at Pastemodernism 3 

Sharq at Pastemodernism 3!

All things Body Canvas

Well, the weekend was crazy. In amongst frantically drawing up a whole heap of girls and other crazy stuff for my upcoming show, I took a "day off" on Saturday to participate in this years Body Canvas fundraising event at Flemington raceway.

Images sourced from a few different places, links below them …


(Photo NJW Photography)

I was part of the graffiti round, (the hugely talented Mayo took out the competition honours) and I had an awesome model, Sammy, to paint on – she was great with having to sit still and put up with my fussing over getting clean lines for seven hours – even towards the end where I was rushing and stressing at getting it all blocked out!

I  forgot to mention in my blurb about the whole theme for the piece, which was "Hope for a better future" – obviously, mine was all technology based and I was "hopeful for a world of wonder filled with technological advances that aid humanity" (possible that would have helped haha).

Really though, It was all an extension of all the work I’ve been doing for the show.


318564_10150322644699170_153091909169_7797501_642869279_n  300295_10150322644524170_153091909169_7797500_1395177936_n 316824_10150322644879170_153091909169_7797502_2063268013_n309712_161029560651813_100002343108403_313485_708348306_n  (Photos Lisa Law Photography & NJW Photography)

Honestly, I could have probably kept going into more detail for another few hours haha … but, I think the simple look turned out great.

A fun, but exhausting day, and I can’t thank my model, Sammy Elise enough for her great company whilst I painted, and her patience! A really fun event, and something unique that I hope helped to raise some funds, and awareness, for the National Breast Cancer foundation.

Prahran Mission Live Art – ReVurt

Did some live art as part of the ongoing ReVurt project for the launch of Prahran Missions new gorgeous function rooms (seriously may be one of the best rooftop locations in the 3181) and came up with this … damn you, drip.

prahran mission

Check out Prahran Missions website!