Original contemporary art prints.


  • Oct252011

    ASIS Wrapup

    Well, time to wrap it all up – I’ll be taking the show down today so thought I’d do a…

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  • Oct122011

    Collaborative Cool

    Well, the other day I was interviewed on T-Squat – James Watkins said some pretty damn nice things about me…

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  • Oct112011

    ASIS – Preview Video

    All round talented video guru Carl Allison put together this quick preview for my show – absolutely love his work.…

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  • Oct102011

    Books & ASIS

      I have a lot of influences when it comes to books .. and a lot of books in general,…

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  • Sep302011

    Audio Visual Input

    While I’ve been working on my show, there are several audio visual pieces that I keep coming back to that…

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  • Sep232011

    Angels See In Sepia – Solo Show – Rancho Notorious

    "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C Clake Based on the thematic muse of Wim Wenders seminal…

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  • Sep212011

    Process Sketch – ASIS #1

    As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be having my second solo show in October – this is one of the process…

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