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ASIS Wrapup

ASIS Wrapup
October 25, 2011 facter

Well, time to wrap it all up – I’ll be taking the show down today so thought I’d do a quick wrapup of it with a bunch of images

Thanks to everyone who came down, and to everyone who had kind words to say. T-Squat for the interview. Promoting other peoples work every day – its nice to really see people giving back a bit of love my way for a change, so thankyou to all those blogs that posted about it and helped promo it.

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Thanks to Dean Sunshine and Peter Adrianakis – there are a bunch more photos on his flickr. Tinny Tang did some as well.

There are still some pieces available so just contact me if you’re interested in them. Some nice A1 one off canvases to get the hell out of my hands haha