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Archive for September, 2005

  • Sep292005

    Writers are Otters

    Neil Gaiman: Except the trouble is, as a creator…I saw a lovely analogy recently. Somebody said that writers are like…

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  • Sep202005

    Oh laaahhhhh!

    Sometimes, its like when I see a butterfly on the first day of spring. Or when puppy dogs jump up…

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  • Sep142005


    Shaped With A Kiss It was a simple affair really. Singing, drinking and a few moments of stolen glances here…

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  • Sep092005

    Live the Life Unpossible

    There are many things int his world that are unpossible. Living the life of the unpossible, is, strangely, also quite…

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  • Sep012005


    Okay – I edited this entry a bit – please listen to this song whilst you are reading this next…

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