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Archive for January, 2003

  • Jan292003


    Do you want to know what is wrong with the world? Do you really, want to know what is wrong…

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  • Jan282003

    The Creek

    Down near the range, where the iron leaked out of the sides of cliffs like bloated leeches squeezed between fingertips,…

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  • Jan262003

    The Number 8 of Bethnal Green

    ..as I walked back from Picadilly Circus, from some no anon whatever club that I went to with Alan and…

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  • Jan252003

    The Journey and The Way

    this is a versical-narrative about a trip down to Margaret river with Alec and co .. On the evening, we drove South,…

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  • Jan182003


    It makes you think. Think and cringe, like waiting for a grapefruit to be trown against the back window of…

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  • Jan132003

    Arythmatic Folds.

    In one of those voices, the kind that send flakes of dandruff falling from your hair when you turn your…

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  • Jan042003

    Its a Dancing Thing

    There were things growing outside, and I had no idea why. Looking through the grimy windowpane, which was covered by…

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  • Jan022003

    Am watching….

    ….one of the most interesting documentaries on modern Chinese performance art. It is covering most of the oof-shoulder and outer…

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  • Jan012003

    Needles in the Real

    The guy that was real sat across the table from me. He had a laptop in front of him, a…

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  • Jan012003


    Home – Where the minutes run riot in my mind. The surreal sounds, faces and times wrap their familiararity around…

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