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Archive for November, 2002

  • Nov282002

    Xintao's Garden (or) Where The Dragon Got His Flame From.

    this is really rough … When springtime came, and the snows melted fromt he mountains where he lived, Xintao decided…

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  • Nov252002

    Lungs and loot.

    He could feel himself winding down, drawing the air into his lungs with painful half gasps and throttled whines. Late,…

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  • Nov152002

    Hail The King

    The king, reclined on his throne, has a cigarette in his mouth. When he issues commands, his accent betrays his…

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  • Nov122002

    Shooting for the Stars

    I was shaving off some rather cumbersome two-day-old stubble when I heard the first whip-crack of sound from outside. Someone’s…

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  • Nov022002

    Only Sometimes When A Passenger…

    Sometimes when its raining, and you are walking down the puddle soaked boulevard that is Oxford Street, the passersby will…

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